Texas Raw Local Honey
Our Suppliers

The bee keepers we purchase wholesale from harvest honey from the piney woods region. We do not, nor will we convey that the honey we sell is harvested within a certain perimeter. The reason is because bee keepers will sometimes move their hives from one area to another. As it is, we only have one harvester we purchase from.

The honey that we are supplied with is 100% pure honey and raw. Raw means that literally nothing has been done to it. Most importantly it has not been flash-heated and micro-filtered. That process is used by many bee keepers and the purpose is to keep the honey from crystallizing, which destroys the honey.

Our source only uses a filter-sock system so that contaminates are caught before being bottled. The honey is only heated just above the temperature of a bee hive which is between 95 and 98 degrees. This ensures that the honey is not destroyed, as flash heating does and as many companies do.

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