Texas Raw Local Honey
God bless each of you!
Local Raw Honey

Proverbs 16:24
“Well ordered words are as an honeycomb; sweetness to the soul
and health to the bones"

Isn't it amazing how the Lord compares His Word to honey. The sweetness to the soul is when we read each day and honey is health to the bones that we take each day.
Have you had some of each today?


Allergy season is upon us! Fight back!!

Yes! Pollen is already settling on everything! If you are one of the many that suffer from allergies, this is a great time to give raw local honey a try. We have a multitude of customers that no longer have or have reduced their needs for over the counter medicines. And a number of our customers no longer take shots either.

Looking for local raw honey?

We have it and we have the best tasting honey this side of heaven too; I think it's because of the prayer dust we keep sprinkling on it, but that's our personal opinion.

Honey Type

  • Wildflower
  • Region: pinewoods
  • 100% raw: has not been flash-heated and micro-filtered





Recycle: we would "bee" grateful for returned jars


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